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World Baseball Classic

Few days ago, the roster for the WBC was come to light, and everybody (who knows about LMP baseball) said WHAT A FUCK! And I’m gonna say why, of course!

Openers: (I don’t have a lot to tell about them, they are good :), we have MLB pitchers, I think they are strong, the pillar for the team)

Yovani Gallardo 

Luis Mendoza — We just watched him pitching a no hit play until the seventh vs Puerto Rico, a strong card for the team

Alfredo Aceves

Rodrigo López

Marco Estrada.

Relief pitchers

Óscar Villarreal WHAT THE HELL!! why you don’t send to Hector “el Choco” Navarro? he would give the game better… We just saw him yesterday pitching to Tampa Bay and because of him the Red Sox lost… By the way, I don’t know how I fell about Red Sox lost because I’m a Yankees fan…

,Fernando Salas

César Ramos

Francisco Rodríguez

Horacio Ramírez

Dennis Reyes Thumbs up!

Oliver Pérez simply WHY?

David Hernández

Sergio Romo


Infielders and outfilders

Adrián González

Jorge Cantú

Efrén Navarro

Édgar González

Eduardo Arredondo

Luis Alfonso García

Karim García

Luis Cruz

Ramiro Peña

Walter Ibarra WHAT A HELL! HE WAS NOT ONLY BAD, HE WAS THE WORST NARANJERO GAMER! manos de mantequilla WHY!!!!!!!!!!!?

Gil Velázquez

Román Solís

Sebastián Valle

José Félix The catcher on the championship game between Mexico vs Republica Dominicana 

Summary: They just taking 3 outfilders…

And some “fanatics” on the northwest of Mexico are asking: what’s about Alfredo Amezaga? Where is Iker Franco? and well

Amezaga is in the spring training with Los Angeles Dodgers trying to get a place in the team

Franco is in Spain because his dad is from there, and he was invited to play for the Spain team (boo, and it’s ok) because if he was trying to come in the Mexico team, I don’t think he gonna be selected, just thinking about the great players there are in Mexico and weren’t selected to play in the team.

Of course I wish the best for Mexico team, but, is hard to think they gonna win this time, Italy is stronger, and USA? Canada? well… Good Luck Mexico 

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